“Working for The Adamo Agency and with Meagan has been such a great experience. In addition to being a highly professional and an organized company, doing events for them is a breeze and so much fun! I love seeing customers try the great products from different brands for the first time and being so excited to take them home. I feel blessed to be a part of this team and can’t wait to do my next event!” Ann, Brand Ambassador

“I have been working for The Adamo Agency for a while and it has been great! Meagan has built the company so that we never let anyone down. The brands that we sample are high quality at a great price. Whenever I go to a store to sample I always walk away knowing that I have created happy new customers, which as a result creates happy vendors! I truly like every product that I have sampled, making it that much easier to market!” Cara, Brand Ambassador

“I have worked for several different promotional agencies, and I was very impressed by how the owner/operator of The Adamo Agency puts out so much care & concern towards each individual promotion and the models themselves. At other agencies, I felt like just another number & it was just another promo. Thanks Meagan!” Emily, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Ring Girl, Podium Trophy Model

“I am a brand ambassador for The Adamo Agency. I love having the opportunity to work fun events all over the St. Louis area. I have been blessed with the chance to be one of the ring girls. It’s been an awesome experience and I’ve been able to meet so many great people. If anyone is looking for a product to be sampled or for girls to come out to help promote your product, contact Meagan Adamo and The Adamo Agency.” Andrea, Brand Ambassador, Ring Girl

“The Adamo Agency places promotional models, ring card girls and brand ambassadors at top notch events. I have had the pleasure of working for the agency for a few years now and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to work for an exciting, fun, and professional company.” Stacey, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Emcee, Spokesmodel

“I’ve worked for this agency for years, and absolutely love it. The events are put together so well, and in a very professional manner. I’ve had compliments from bar staff on how legit and professional we are compared to others. The owner really shows her passion for her company as well as the ambassadors she hires!” Jackie, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Hostess

“I have been working for The Adamo Agency for quite some time now and I absolutely love it! Meagan is extremely professional & friendly and someone who I have really enjoyed working for. I work a full time job, but love working for the company as a fun side job! I love getting to interact with customers and other associates at different events. I would highly recommend the Adamo Agency for any of your promotional needs!” Kristina, Brand Ambassador

“The Adamo Agency is so fun to work for! Meagan Adamo is a great person to work for, very organized and I always know what to do. She makes all the girls very prepared for each event they work!” Jessica, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Swimsuit Model

“Meagan is awesome to work for both as a friend and a boss. Always very detailed and makes sure her brand ambassadors are well prepared before each event.” Michele, Brand Ambassador, Street Team, Survey Team

“Been working with for The Adamo Agency for a while now and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Great company, excellent team, and an even better boss, Meagan!” Casey, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Ring Girl

“I have been working for Meagan with The Adamo Agency for a few years now and it has been an amazing experience. I love engaging with consumers and people from various accounts. I’ve also enjoyed getting to partake in leadership roles on occasion. Its a super fun job and a nice “get away” from my regular career. Meagan and her team are very professional and easy/fun to work with. I’ve made some great friends and wonderful experiences working for this company.” Katelyn, Brand Ambassador

“I love working for The Adamo Agency! Meagan is always 100% on top of all event and products questions I have, and she is exceptionally diligent and timely in all of her doings! I am lucky to be a part of such a great company!” Samantha, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Trade Show Model, Ring Girl

“Meagan is so organized. No small details are ever left out. This makes the events run smoothly and of course fun! She is a great, professional person to work with.” Annabelle, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Hostess, Ring Girl

“Very well organized, professional and fun! Love working with The Adamo Agency!” Ashley, Brand Ambassador

“The Adamo Agency is one of the best in the industry. Events are always fun and well planned.” Heather, Brand Ambassador

“I’ve worked several jobs for this agency and they’ve all been great! A+!” Michele, Brand Ambassador, Emcee, Costume Character, Character Handler

“I have had the greatest experiences throughout the years with The Adamo Agency! The owner of the company is great to work with!!” Sammi, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Emcee, GoGo Dancer

“The Adamo Agency is one of the first agency’s I worked for when I started my promo career and I can’t thank them enough for giving me a chance. I have now worked well over 100+ promotions and I couldn’t thank them enough. They always pay on time and treat their brand ambassadors amazing. THE ADAMO AGENCY IS DEFINITELY AMONG THE BEST!!” Taylor, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model

“One of the most professional, organized, and fun agencies I’ve had the pleasure to work with for several years.” Jeff, Brand Ambassador, Costume Character

“I’m so ecstatic to be a part of the team, I am really looking forward and excited to the future events and upcoming growth with the company. Everyone is so delightful to work with.” Antoinette, Promotional Model, Swimsuit Model