Crown Valley Events, Festivals & More

Our Brand Ambassadors have had the privilege to work with Crown Valley Winery, Brewery & Distillery over the past two years. The Adamo Agency staff has hosted over 350 events alone for Crown Valley which includes promotions of all types! You name it, our staff has worked it representing Crown Valley! Our staff keeps an upbeat, professional attitude for each customer. 

“The Adamo Agency staff has helped Crown Valley products grow throughout the St. Louis and surrounding areas for the past two years. We are very happy to partner with Meagan and her team of brand ambassadors. The relationship is great and we can count on The Adamo Agency to handle the booking, scheduling and execution of each event. Overall very positive and I will keep recommending The Adamo Agency to other companies.” Bryan, Director of Operations Crown Valley Winery, Brewery & Distillery

 “My experience with The Adamo Agency has been nothing short of stellar.  I have had the pleasure of working with several of The Adamo Agency representatives at beer festivals and tastings.  They have always represented our products well and bring a fun atmosphere to the table that draws people in and makes them want to come over and check us out.” Jeremy, Brew Master Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling

Crown Valley has a large portfolio which includes wines, beers, ciders and spirits! The first grape was planted on the grounds of Ste. Genevieve, MO in 1998. Since then this company has expanded into brewing and distilling a large portfolio. To date the numbers are increasing dramatically and continue to grow – all with the help of our staff promoting Crown Valley products and getting new customers to give the products a taste!