Defiance Whiskey Turns Heads

The Adamo Agency was proud to be the first on the scene to promote a brand new launch of Defiance Whiskey, a locally made High Rye Bourbon!

Our brand ambassadors were extremely excited to have the opportunity to be the first to introduce Defiance Whiskey to consumers! The first ever event took place at Shady Jack’s downtown STL! Our promotional staff were excited to be on site with the managing partner of this brand. “Daniel is extremely nice and very passionate about his new product. I am honored to have the chance to work with him and learn about the Defiance Whiskey first hand.” Toni, Brand Ambassador

Whiskey in the Winter held at the Hyatt STL was another successful event with Defiance Whiskey. Our team had the opportunity to engage with whiskey lovers from all over the world to pour and pass out goodies from Defiance Whiskey at this exclusive event. Our staff had the opportunity to work closely with the managing partners of Defiance Whiskey and introduce to new consumers this high-class product.

“Your brand ambassadors were exceptional! They arrived 15 mins early and had great attitudes! Both Toni and Ashley kept their energy up all day! Both girls far exceeded expectations with great attitudes while representing Defiance well. Thanks for making it happen! A WIN for Team Adamo!” Daniel, Managing Partner Defiance Whiskey