Race taste Arehucas Rum

Our brand ambassadors were the FIRST in the St. Louis market to promote the United States FIRST and only Honey Rum! Ron Miel which translates as Rum Honey is made from Arehucas, the oldest and largest rum distiller in Europe. The Rum is produced from sugar cane from the Canary Islands and our brand ambassadors had the opportunity to taste this new product throughout the St. Louis and surrounding areas to many customers. If tasting this unique product wasn’t enough, select locations had the opportunity to have the professional #87 Arehucas Rum Racing Porsche Race Car and Driver come out to the sampling event! Guests were able to meet the driver, check out the car and the 21+ had the opportunity to taste the newly released Rums!

The Arehucas brand includes the Ron Miel, Gold and Silver Rums, all of which our staff had the opportunity to introduce to the customers. “It was a pleasure working with the professional team at The Adamo Agency. Their great attitude was matched with deliverable results promoting our brand, Arehucas Rum. I look forward to our next campaign together.” Jason, President Copa Spirits Co. & Professional Race Car Driver