Starka Launch

The Adamo Agency brand ambassadors help launch the new release of St. Louis Distillery’s Starka Vodka!! Starka is America’s first and only barrel aged premium vodka made right here locally! The term “Starka” was first introduced in the 15th century as to “put away” vodka in an oak barrel at the birth of a child, the barrel would then be buried and opened at the child’s wedding. This comes from the Lithuanian word “starkus” which means “stork.”
“The use of The Adamo Agency promotional staff has been a huge success! Your brand ambassador Sam was wonderful — really eager to learn, researched on her own before she got to the event, very professional. I would love to use her and the rest of your staff as often as we can!” Miranda, Brand Strategist St. Louis Distillery
Our brand ambassadors were able to promote this remarkable new product in and around the St. Louis market. Always with a smile, introducing Starka along with Cardinal Sin Vodka really left a positive remembrance with customers. After customers had the chance to sample St. Louis Distillery products from our staff, many purchased from the location right then and there to take home and enjoy. Positive impact and impression are our values at The Adamo Agency – we want your brand represented with the most positive and professional standards.

Every bottle of Starka is handcrafted from the label to the wax finish. The vodka first starts out as the premium Cardinal Sin Vodka, then is aged in new Missouri White Oak Bourbon Barrels for six months, which changes the color and flavor of the vodka to make Starka.

“The red theme and name alone works perfectly for our STL city being home of the Cardinals. Even better the products are locally made and taste amazing which makes it a fun and easy sale to customers! Since this is the first and only barrel aged vodka, I was able to target different vodka, bourbon and whiskey drinkers. The customers who never thought they would like it ended up really loving Starka’s distinctive taste! I love promoting this awesome product!” Samantha, Brand Ambassador